Athlete Talent Pathway

The player pathways provide players and parents valuable information about what is required at various ages to maximise an athlete’s potential to reach podium success.

These pathways are primarily aimed at high-performance players striving to compete internationally and/or be selected for national teams.

Each pathway is designed to amplify the players potential by exposing them to tougher competition as they move up the performance pathway so that they are physically and psychologically ready for competing on the World and Continental Stage when the time comes.

*This is guide and not compulsory and has no effect on team selection or national grading.

U15 Competition Guide

  • U15 Regionals
  • U15 SA Nationals
  • National squads
  • All Africa U15 (every second year‐2021/2023/2025)
  • 2 U17 Open
  • 1 U19 Open

17 Competition Guide

  • All U17 Opens
  • U17 SA Nationals
  • National squads
  • Arnold Classic Tri‐Angular
  • 3 U19 Opens
  • 1 BSA Open
  • U19 SA International
  • SA International
  • Can play Future Series events close to SA

U19 Competition Guide

  • All U19 Opens
  • U19 SA Nationals
  • National squads
  • Arnold Classic Team Event
  • All Africa U19 (every second year‐2020/2022/2024)
  • 2 BSA Opens
  • U19 SA International
  • SA International
  • Aim to play 5 African Internationals in 12 months – Future/International Series

Senior Competition Guide

  • All BSA Opens
  • Nationals & Melville
  • National squads
  • Arnold Classic Team Event
  • SA International
  • Compete in 5 to 10 Future/International Series/Challenger events in 12 months

Talent Identification

The Badminton South Africa talent identification programme aims to locate talented junior players between the ages of 8-13 and help them achieve their full potential via the Badminton South Africa Talent Pathway.

Badminton South Africa has identified 3 key components for the Talent Identification process to achieve its goals

  • Identify talent as early as possible through Shuttle Time and SA Primary Schools
  • Ensure the player takes the correct pathway to maximize their development
  • Place identified individuals with coaches that gives the maximum opportunity to progress

We are looking for players with the following profile:

  • Players that love badminton and want to represent South Africa at Continental Championships and International Tournaments.
  • Dedicated to being best they can be.
  • Good badminton skills.
  • Click here for the Squads Culture Code

Badminton South Africa is currently developing a talent identification toolkit which is a skill-based program designed to help individuals improve their technical ability through a series of ability levels.

Players under the age of 15 are invited to Coaching weekends spread across the country where the National Coach will be in attendance. These weekends act as Talent Identification for the National Squads. The U13/11/9 Nationals is also.