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BWF Shuttle Time Schools Badminton

In 2012 BWF launched Shuttle Time to the world. A schools’ badminton programme supporting the principle that children should lead a healthy and active life, both in and out of school. BWF’s goal is to make badminton one of the world’s most popular and accessible school sports.

Shuttle Time offers school teachers access to FREE resources, training and equipment, which support the teaching of enjoyable, safe and inclusive badminton activities to children aged 5-15 years old. Shuttle Time lessons are designed to provide children with a positive image of badminton through many opportunities to have fun, engage with others and experience success.

Shuttle Time is currently being implemented in 132 countries in partnership with BWF’s Continental Confederations and Member Associations.

Since its launch in 2012 the Shuttle Time programme has expanded considerably. Click here to view an overview of the resources that make up the programme. BWF have created various resources to support National Badminton Associations who wish to implement Shuttle Time in schools.

Resources available for Provincial Badminton Associations include:

Implementation Guidelines – Used by Badminton Associations to plan and implement Shuttle Time nationally.

Shuttle Time Overview – Provides an overview of the Shuttle Time programme.

For much more information visit the BWF Shuttle Time website and check the BWF Facebook Page

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