Para-Badminton: Regulations & Classifications

It is important for each player, coach and support personnel to be familiar with the Para-Badminton Competition Regulations and other para-badminton regulations including the codes of conduct – Players’ Code of Conduct, Coaches Code of Conduct.

All the rules, regulations, guidelines and policies that cover governance, management and the technical elements of para-badminton can easily refer here.


Classification is undertaken so that athletes can be put into a Sport Class or a group for competition. The classification process allows athletes to be placed in a class to compete in a tournament to compete against each other.

The classification process involves a medical examination and some badminton activities to show the classifiers what badminton movements and shots are easy or more difficult for the athlete.

The BWF Para-Badminton Classification system has the following Sport Classes:

    • Wheelchair Sport Classes – WH 1 and WH 2
    • Standing Sport Classes – SL 3, SL 4 and SU 5
    • Short Stature Sport Class – SS 6

Find more information click the links for the registration process for New Player & Classifier.