Tournament Software Training

The first Tournament Planner training took place on Saturday 20 February 2021. Due to Covid, the training took place virtually and was attended by 11 members representing 10 Provinces/Corporates and Associations.

Tournament Planner will be used during all BSA sanctioned open tournaments hosted in future. Although it has been used for some time already, not all organising committees are familiar with the program.

Future courses will be planned and dates will be communicated.

The aim of the training is to provide the organising committees with the knowledge to use Tournament Planner successfully during a tournament and to equip member/s at all Provinces/Corporates and Associations with the basic knowledge of Tournament Planner.

We are looking forward to future training that will standardise the match control at tournaments.

Thank you to all the members that attended the training.

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Brenda Boshoff
BSA Events Chairperson