Road to Paris 2024

We would like to wish the following South African Badminton players good luck in the final months of qualifying for the Road to Paris 2024

Nita Scholtz

Badminton Free State

Various International titles in singles, doubles and mixed doubles but specialising in singles and undisputedly the premier singles player in South Africa since 2018 (as 17-year-old). Nita Scholtz is in the final straight of her 10-year goal of potential qualification at the Olympic Games in Paris in July/August this year.

Deidre Laurens & Amy Ackerman

A group of women holding a trophy

Various International titles in Ladies Doubles, and currently the premier Ladies Doubles pairing in South Africa, and potential qualification candidates to compete at the Olympic Games in Paris in July/August this year.

Qualification process

After competing in over 20 countries the past 18 months, the Olympic qualifying period is coming to an end on the 28th of April and then we will know if our Badminton players will represent South Africa in Paris. The qualifying period was extremely stressful and the competition has never been so strict and as can be expected there is many ups and downs for the players. We believe that they can handle the pressure on and off the court and they will reap the fruits after this strenuous period. The qualifying process is somewhat complicated and the fact that there are only limited positions available at the Olympics which makes for a tough road, to ensure only the best of the best will qualify for this Olympic spectacle and in the Badminton World it is the most coveted trophy. The fact that it only comes around every four years, makes it even more special.

In short, the qualifying resolves around the players who can achieve the best results during the qualifying period of 1 May 2023 and 28 April 2024. The maximum of ten tournaments points will be used towards the qualifying, but the more you play the more opportunities you create to improve your ranking points and replace your bad results with better results, and some players will play up to 30 tournaments during this period.