Megan Jullian Plaatjies – BWF Line Judge at Olympics

Megan Jullian Plaatjies will be attending the Olympics as BWF Line Judge. Below is her cirriculum vitae and achievements. Well Done Megan.

SURNAME:    Plaatjies
FULL NAMES:  Megan Jullian
SPORT CODE: Badminton
APPOINTMENT: BSA Technical Official
CATOGORIES: BWF Line Judge (2016)
  BCA Line Judge (2016)
  BSA Accredited Referee (2016)
  BSA Certificated Umpire               (2014)
INTERNATIONAL APPOINTMENTS: BWF World Seniors Championship 2017 (India)
  2018 Commonwealth Games (Australia)
  BWF World Juniors Championship 2018 (Canada)
  BWF World Tour Finals 2019 (China)
  Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 (Japan) 



It has been a privilege and great honor to have been appointed as an international technical official.  As exciting and glamorous it may seem it requires extreme dedication and sacrifice.

Though a line judge position is regarded as the most inferior appointment by many may I assure you that that is a thought to be revisited.  Even though it seems that a line judge’s position next to the court is just a chair to fill and fall asleep on, well think again. Occupying that chair means taking responsibility in ensuring the successful administering of a match and fairness to both sides of the badminton court.

Being a line judge requires alertness, endurance, skill, ability to make split-second decisions, ability not to allow intimidation from players or the spectators and the ability to work under extreme pressure.

Abroad I was “introduced” to the Immediate Review System (IRS) and does that system draw attention to you when your call gets challenged?! Have I had call challenges? Yes, a couple of times of which more than ninety percent of them were unsuccessful meaning my call was correct at the time.

My first experience with IRS was at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia where I had the “privilege”  to have a call challenged by the famous legend Li-Chong Wei. Unfortunately his challenge was unsuccessful.

Thus far I have experienced top class badminton from the best seat in the arena. With every opportunity I gain more experience which contribute greatly to my skill and knowledge as a technical official. This enable me to sow better quality into my training of new line judges.

I have been appointed by BWF, three years ago and was reappointed this year due to the impact of COVID-19, to officiate at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 from 21 July 2021 until 03 August 2021. We are currently in the process of preparing for departure to Tokyo.

Once again it is proven that sport unite nations and bring the world together in a limited space. This line judge position has afforded me the opportunity to work with international ethnicities, make new acquaintances and see the world. It is a privilege I never could imagine ever materializing in my life, compare to where I come from. However I am sincerely grateful for being granted and entrusted to the appointment.