National squads

Badminton South Africa selects national squads for each age group. Teams will be selected to represent South Africa from these squads.

There are minimum fitness standards for National Squad selection.

To be eligible for squad selection, players must meet at least one of the minimum fitness requirements in the table below.

The above minimum standards will only be enforced on U19 and Senior level. It is only a guide for the other age groups.

To be in the U19 National Squad, you must meet the U19 standard. For the U19 Emerging Squad, you must meet the standard of your age group.

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National Senior Squads

Coach: Stewart Carson
Squad Dates:
Main Seasons event: All Africa Championships in Uganda 23 – 30 September 2021

National U19 Squad

Coach: Stewart Carson
Assistant Coach: Andries Malan
Squad Date:–
Main Seasons event: u19 All Africa Championships 27 August – 1 September 2021

National U17 Squad

Coach: Andries Malan
Coach: Michelle Butler-Emmett
Squad Dates: Main Seasons event: Arnold Classic Quadrangular, Participation to Future Series Event

National U15 Squads

Coach: Andries Malan
Assistant Coach: Roger Howson
Squad Dates:Main Seasons event: U15 All Africa Championships in Benin 22 – 26 August

National U13 Squads

Coach: Andries Malan
Assistant Coach: Tamsyn Audibert
Squad Dates: These squads will be spread over the country so that the National Coach can get time with as many players as possible.

National Para Squad


Squad Dates: These squads will be spread over the country so that the National Coach can get time with as many players as possible.

Players can be selected for multiple national teams but they must attend the national squad for the age group they currently fall into. Any player failing to attend their national squad without good reason will remove themselves from a selection.

*Players in multiple squads will be dealt with individually

Players that are not in National squads will be able to attend Holiday camps that will give them exposure to a National Coach and the tools needed to help them improve.

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Elite Squads

BSA are currently in the process of developing criteria and plans for an Elite Squad who will have greater access to funding. This will be introduced in 2022. The Elite Squads will be based on results targets that are age specific and fitness standards. The players selected for Elite Squads are focussed on winning medals at Continental Championships and Olympic representation.

The various technical and physical standards that we are developing for entry into the Elite Squad will be as follows:

  • HP Elite Squad Criteria
  • HP Squad Results Targets
  • HP Squad Fitness Standards – Higher than National squad criteria

The Criteria and Results/Fitness Standards for Elite squads will be released in 2022.

Players that achieve the required standards will be invited to join the Elite Squad.